We’re proudly leading the way with innovative and forward-thinking farming and manufacturing practices that we use on our family orchards in Childers & Bundaberg, Queensland. 

Our value for sustainability drives us toward a zero emission and zero waste philosophy.


Everything we grow is used, not wasted.

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Our products are sustainably
produced on our carbon-negative site.

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With sustainability at the heart of our farming operations, our farm and orchards offset factory carbon emissions and more, so we are proud to have achieved climate positive status.

100% Water Recycling

All of the water used in our facility is recycled and used to irrigate our orchards. We have also drought-proofed our farming operation by investing in various water supply options including water harvesting in times of flood.

Biological Farming

Great produce starts with the soil. We invest in increasing organic matter in our soils and biological farming (using the beneficial bugs and working with mother nature) to produce healthier avocados that are richer in nutrient density.

Zero Food Waste

We use the flesh of avocados that have slightly imperfect looking skins (but are perfect on the inside) to create our AvoFresh products - so there is no unnecessary waste! We compost 100% of our organic waste to create bio-fertiliser.

Recyclable Packaging

AvoFresh tubs, tubes, and resealable lids are manufactured from 100% recyclable plastic. We also recycle or compost 100% of our cardboard waste from retail product displays and transportation. **********