AvoFresh was founded in 2010 by David DePaoli who boasts over 50 years of farming experience, and his son Trent DePaoli who has a wealth of both food science and business experience.

United by their shared love for all things avocado they created AvoFresh to help avocado lovers enjoy avocado whenever they want.


We grow avocados on our family orchards in Childers & Bundaberg, Queensland, and are proudly Australian family-owned and operated. With sustainability at the heart of our farming operations and the support of our passionate team, we have achieved carbon-negative status.

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From humble beginnings, AvoFresh has grown to provide avocado lovers all over the world with a ripe and ready solution that they can count on every day. It’s taken a lot of hard work and a team of passionate people to get us to where we are today.

AvoFresh - Ripe & Ready - DePaoli Family Farm
The DePaoli Family (3 Generations)

2010 - AvoFresh Launches

In 2010, father and son team, David & Trent DePaoli saw an opportunity to combine their farming experience, food technology expertise and their love of avocado. In doing so, AvoFresh was born.

AvoFresh provides consumers with avocado that is always ripe and always ready for them to enjoy.

AvoFresh was launched with a range of pack sizes and flavours for the retail market in Australia.

2014 - AvoFresh Begins Exporting

After sharing AvoFresh with Avocado lovers across Australia we embarked on our exciting journey to start exporting AvoFresh to consumers in Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong  & New Zealand.

We are still present in these countries today and are proud to share our delicious Australian range with them.

AvoFresh Launch - Asia Fruit Logistica
AvoFresh at Asia Fruit Logistica
AvoFresh - DePaoli Family Farm - Orchards
Avocado Orchards in Childers, QLD

2015 - AvoFresh Acquires it's Own Orchards

The DePaoli family expanded their existing farm portfolio in Bundaberg to acquire Avocado orchards in nearby Childers.

Over the past decade, David and the team have used their experience and expertise in modern sustainable farming practices to create high tech and high-density orchards. The use of technology has enabled the AvoFresh team to produce high quality, nutritious fruit.

2019 - AvoFresh Launches into Food Service

In response to the success of the AvoFresh retail range, we saw an opportunity to support the hospitality industry to overcome the same barriers consumers face around raw Avocados.

Avocado remains a popular menu item and AvoFresh Food Service, provides cafes, restaurants and caterers with a consistent product that reduces labour costs around the preparation of avocado. 

Salmon Poke bowl recipe
Ripe & Ready Avocado Breakfasts
AvoFresh Product Launch Malaysia AEON Supermarket
AEON Supermarket, Malaysia

JANUARY 2023 - AvoFresh Begins Exporting to Malaysia

Avocados, particularly Australian Avocados are growing in popularity in Malaysia. With the success we enjoyed with AvoFresh in Asia to date, we decided to expand into Malaysia.

AvoFresh is now available in many of the major Malaysian supermarkets.

OCTOBER 2023 - AvoFresh Guacamole is Launched

With the love all thing Mexican across Australia and beyond we knew our delicious ripe and ready avocado would make the best Guacamole.

Our AvoFresh Classic Guacamole is now our fastest growing product. 

AvoFresh Classic Guacamole Product
AvoFresh Classic Guacamole
AvoFresh Smashed Avocado Launch
AvoFresh Smashed Avocado

JUNE 2024 - Smashed Avocado is Launched

With the origin of Smashed Avocado on Toast in Australia, this product conception speaks for itself.

Our AvoFresh Smashed Avocado is the ultimate breakfast staple for avocado lovers and offers complete versatility to add all your favourite toppings. It’s also perfect for buddha bowls, burgers, wraps and more!