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Proudly made on our De Paoli Family Farms

AvoFresh was created in 2010, when father and son team, David and Trent De Paoli saw an opportunity to provide lovers of avocado with a quick, convenient and reliable alternative.

The DePaoli family has been farming for more than 50 years in the Bundaberg & Childers region and are internationally renowned for innovation in agribusiness.

When making AvoFresh, we use avocados from our very own avocado orchards as well as sourcing avocados that might not make it onto supermarket shelves because of a small skin blemish or imperfection.

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Our Farms

Our avocado orchards use sustainable farming practices and natural soil biology (which is the same biology our gut uses to aid digestion and for general well-being) to create healthy soil and in turn healthy, nutrient-packed fruit that we use in our AvoFresh range.

We have adopted growing principles and systems that go back in time to replicate how the food was grown before the invent of artificial fertilisers and crop protectants. Our agronomy research team use these ‘old-time’ principles together with modern-day science and technology so we constantly improve our growing practices.

One of these principles is the compost we create from the waste out of our production facility. The benefits are two folds, it means we have a minimal waste stream as well as helping our plants and avocado fruit grow in a more natural organic way.

How we make AvoFresh

How we make AvoFresh

We use hand-picked avocados to create AvoFresh with a minimum of 95% avocado in every pack.

When avocados are at the perfect ripeness, we peel and pit them. We then use a unique cold pressed, high pressure technology to deliver AvoFresh into convenient tubes and tubs. We don’t use heat that zaps nutrients. This means AvoFresh retain a fresh natural taste and texture without artificial flavours or colours.

Today, AvoFresh is enjoyed by thousands of avocado lovers across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei every year.

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Get your AvoFresh. Farm to table

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Farm grown. Family owned. Supporting 100+ farmers.
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Picked ripe & cold-pressed to keep your avocados fresh.
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Always ready when you are. AvoFresh lasts 5 days after opening.
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Curbside recyclable & regenerative farming practice.