AvoFresh on shelf in grocery store

Want to enjoy no-fuss avocado with your next meal?
Purchase AvoFresh from one of our Australian or international retailers below.

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Fresh Choice
Selected Stores
Cold Storage
CS Fresh
Jaya Grocer
The Village Grocer
Maslee Express

AvoFresh is available in more than 1500 supermarkets across the globe.

We are proud that AvoFresh has been enjoyed by Australians for more than 13 years thanks to our retail partners.

AvoFresh has also been available in New Zealand and Singapore for several years and we have recently launched into Malaysia.

It makes us so happy to hear about people enjoying AvoFresh in different ways around the world.

Get your AvoFresh. Farm to table

Step 1
Farm grown. Family owned. Supporting 100+ farmers.
Step 2
Picked ripe & cold-pressed to keep your avocados fresh.
Step 3
Always ready when you are. AvoFresh lasts 5 days after opening.
Step 4
Curbside recyclable & regenerative farming practice.