Nacho's with AvoFresh on top and bottle of AvoFresh in background

Sure is! AvoFresh has its operation based in Bundaberg, Queensland and is owned by an Australian farming family.

The products keep fresh unopened until the Best Before date, which is printed on each pack.

AvoFresh products contain no allergens.

Once opened, the AvoFresh Tubs will last for up to 3 days when kept refrigerated.

Tip: Try covering the Tub with a film of cling wrap and expel excess air, in the same way you would with a freshly cut avocado.

Once opened, the AvoFresh Tubes will last for up to 5 days when kept refrigerated.

Tip: The amount of time that the product will last once opened may vary slightly depending on the avocado and the storage conditions. We have provided once opened days as a guideline.

To achieve the shelf life AvoFresh must be refrigerated (1-4˚C).

We’ve added a selection of spices to some products to enhance the flavour and save you time having to add your own.

A very small amount of this natural ingredient is used to enhance the avocado flavour.

This ingredient enhances the flavour and assists in preventing browning.

Flaxseed is a common thickening and stabilising agent used in many foods. Its function in AvoFresh to is help combine and disperse our flavouring components such as spices, salt and herbs in a consistent blend.

AvoFresh is available from all Woolworths stores in Australia, selected Australian IGA, Foodworks and all Countdown stores in New Zealand.

You can also find AvoFresh at select FreshChoice, Drakes and ColdStorage stores around Australia and internationally. View all retailers >>

Get your AvoFresh. Farm to table

Step 1
Farm grown. Family owned. Supporting 100+ farmers.
Step 2
Picked ripe & cold-pressed to keep your avocados fresh.
Step 3
Always ready when you are. AvoFresh lasts 5 days after opening.
Step 4
Curbside recyclable & regenerative farming practice.