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The health benefits of avocado

We all know that eating avocado is good for you; let’s explore some facts and the health benefits avocados provide. AvoFresh is made from cold-pressed whole avocado, locking in the great taste, freshness, nutrients and vitamins!

Great skin, great bones and reducing the risk of disease

Being a natural source of Vitamin B3, C & D, which is great for your skin, consuming avocado means that you can look after your skin while eating.

Maintaining a healthy cholesterol-free diet by eating fruit and vegetables like avocado, reduces the risk of heart disease!

If it’s training for a marathon, dancing in your lounge room or chasing after the kids, strong bones support busy lives. AvoFresh has Vitamins C and Vitamin K, great for building strong bones.

Full of fibre, flavour and fantastic for gut health. Goodbye bran for breakfast, hello AvoFresh. Start your day with AvoFresh to boost your energy and vitality; avocados are a great source of energy-boosting, fatigue-fighting nutrients, vitamins B3, B5, folate and vitamin C.

A great ingredient for a healthy body

We may not all want to be superstar athletes but moving our bodies and running around with our kids is important to us. AvoFresh is a delicious source of potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin K, which is important for your ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage and bones.

AvoFresh is also high in antioxidants, plus the vitamins and nutrients also help keep your blood healthy help boost your immune system, and assist in brain function!