Paper Craft Avocado

Super Easy Paper Avocado Friend!


  • Brown Cardstock
  • Kraft Brown Cardstock
  • Lime Green Tissue Paper
  • Paper Craft Scissors
  • School Glue
  • Large Wiggle Eyes
  • Black Sharpie Marker


  1. First things first – take your scissors and cut the brown cardstock into a large pear shape.
  2. Discard excess paper.
  3. Grab your lime green tissue paper and cut a handful of green 1″ inch squares from it.
  4. Now take your school glue and draw several squiggles of glue in the inside of the pear-shaped paper.
  5. Lay the tissue paper squares on top of the glue, until the inside {aka – the inside of the avocado} is filled in.
  6. Add more glue and tissue paper as you see fit.
  7. Now grab the kraft coloured cardstock.
  8. Cut out a LARGE circle for the avocado pit.
  9. Glue that piece in place on the tissue paper covered shape.
  10. FINALLY – glue one some wiggle eyes and draw on a smile with the black Sharpie marker to complete the paper avocado friend craft.
  11. Then let it all dry completely before you display it proudly for ALL to see!

Thanks to Glued To My Crafts Blog for this fun little activity