Quirky Creations Winner

Fri, 08/04/2016 - 10:15am -- AvoFresh
AvoFresh Avocado Easter Bunny recipe

Thanks to everyone who entered our Quirky Creation promotion on Facebook. It’s great to see so many people having a bit of fun with AvoFresh!

Here is our winning entry, an Easter Brekkie theme, from MiGai Yan


2 eggs, Avofresh, Carrot, Asparagus, Parsley, Pepper, Goji berry, seaweed, light shredded cheese and canned Tuna.


Hard boil 2 eggs. As soon as it is cooked, remove it from the pan and soak in cold water until it is completely cool.


1. Use small knife, slice a piece off one side of the egg . The flat side of the egg that you have created will become the bottom of the bunny, the piece you have cut off the ears.

2. Use a mini circle cutter, round the ends of the piece of egg. You could also cut it free-hand with your knife if you don’t have a mini circle cutter.

3.Cut the egg into pieces to form the two bunny ears.

4.Once you have made your bunny ears, place the egg flat side down, then cut two slits at an angle into the egg for the ears to slot into. Push the ears into place. You may need to use the tip of the knife to hold each slit open whilst you insert the ears.

5. Use pepper to create the bunny eyes and goji berry for the nose.

Easter Egg

1. Use seaweed, cut the shape that you like stick the seaweed to egg with water

The Garden

1. Boil asparagus till cooked, cut into desirer length

2. Slide carrot , cut small triangle to create flower shaped carrot

3. Place Avofresh onto the plate, decorates as you like. Now you can put together the asparagus and the flower shaped carrot. Use some Parsley as the decoration for leaves.

4. Use Tuna for the base of the rabbit and add some light shredded cheese.