Chunky Avocado Spicy Mexican

Spicy Mexican Chunky Avocado 160g Tub

Chunky Avocado with Mexican flavours and chillies

AvoFresh SPICY MEXICAN is a convenient way to add Spicy (Guacamole style) Avocado to Mexican meals. So versatile it can be used for dipping, spreading and topping.       And because it's Cold Pressed it retains the great taste of Fresh Avocado.  It has a 4 Star Health Rating and doesn’t contain any artificial flavours or colours.  

Avocado (92.6%), Chillies (3.5%), Coriander (1.5%), Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate, Garlic Granules, Onion Powder, Cumin, Vegetable Gum (415).
Average Nutritional Information
Serves per pack: 10Serving Size: 16g
Quantity per ServingQuantity per 100g
Energy130 KJ (31 Cal)825 KJ (200 Cal)
Protein0.3 g2.1 g
-glutenNot DetectedNot Detected
Fat, Total3.2 g19.7 g
-saturated0.8 g4.7 g
Cholesterol0 mg0 mg
Carbohydrate0.2 g1.3 g
-sugars0.2 g1.1 g
Dietary Fibre0.4 g2.7 g
Sodium35 mg220 mg