About Us

Trent DePaoli

Avocados have always been synonymous with healthy eating, and great taste. And for those of us who love avocado nothing is better than having a perfectly ripe, fresh avocado on hand.

Unfortunately having that perfect avocado ripe and ready to go, and without the occasional bruise or blemish has been, up until now, the stuff of avocado lovers dreams!

Enter Trent DePaoli, a third generation farmer from sunny Bundaberg Queensland. His search for the perfect Avocado and passion for healthy eating led him to create AvoFresh Australia’s first Cold Pressed avocado range.

The DePaoli family take their much-loved avocados when they are just ripe enough, peel them and pit them. Then using the unique Cold Pressed, High Pressure Process packs the equivalent of two avocados into convenient AvoFresh Tubes and Tubs.

Trent explains that the AvoFresh team have a passion for finding ways to help busy people eat more healthy Australian produce. AvoFresh is the perfect solution for our busy lifestyles and solves the age-old problem of varying ripeness of Avocados.

AvoFresh is part of an Australian based family owned business, producing healthy innovative food products for the enjoyment and well being of its many customers.